We are suppliers of DIY Underfloor heating Mats, under carpet, under laminated wood, undertile heating, Analogue, Digital, and Programmable thermostats in South Africa. Our range of energy-saving thermostats helps to run your underfloor heating system economically and effectively. Our under tile heating system is very easy to install and you just need to follow a few simple steps for a successful installation. Based in Port Elizabeth – Gqeberha. Delivery countrywide, ie. Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, etc.

These underfloor heating mesh mats are very versatile and easy to use. All ready-made with the minimum fuss of installation. The mats comes in various sizes to suit any room dimensions. Once laid on the floor, you can either spread a layer of self-levelling screed or tile directly on top. These mats can be used under any floor surface ie: undertile, underwood, under the carpet, or vinyl floors. Can be custom made for industrial use, oil drums, pipes, beauty products as well as Mosques, Churches, etc. Also able to use for incubation for breeding of chickens, crocodiles, and propagation.

The under carpet heating mats get installed between the carpet and underfelt. Ideally suited to use for kennels, pets beds, etc. These undercarpet heating mats are available in various sizes to accommodate your different requirements. The aluminium foil mats effectively disperses heat ensuring even distribution. A warm uniform heat will be felt, resulting in pleasant comfort.

We stock a wide range of underfloor heating thermostats. Range includes analogue, digital, programmable and our latest WiFi. The analog electronic can be flush or surface mounted, also dual purpose, floor or air sensor. Programmable has 4 settings for 7 days and rolls over. Programmable and Wifi come highly recommended to save on energy consumption.